Brooke Nunez

An incredibly talented artist combined with her warm personality made her an instant favorite in the design community. Her illustrations are second to none mixed with the ability to add emotion to each piece are signature trademarks of her work. Brooke is truly an artists artist. Her methods along with ease of communication and art direction make her truly a highly sought after artist.

Si Scott

Words alone do not do his style and work justice. An exquisite and detailed designer that takes typography to another level. His uncanny ability to turn simple into sexy is what really sets him apart and distinguishable from other artists. The amazing part of his work is that he does most of his works traditionally with a trusty pen and paper.

With clients that range from Nike, BBDO, Burton, MTV among others we were very gracious to have received his time and donation.

Designer, Painter, and an avid photographer, Paul has a knack for getting his message through with crisp design and vivid imagery. Hailing from Scotland and currently rocking it in the Big Apple, we are proud to present you with "faunis taxis" by Paul Macgregor.

Paul Macgregor
Scott Bartlett

No need to throw another shrimp on the barbie for this young lad from down under. Scott's amazing ability to give us a peak into his world where hybrid animals rule and abstracts collide through beautiful illustrations. We are ecstatic to present "Octobunny Attax" by Scott Bartlett.

Jeremy Somers

Who needs words when you have a portfolio like this? A true jack of all design trades, Jeremy splits his time up between photography, web design, illustration, and design; all while finding time soaking up that Austrailian sun. With amazing composition skills and an eye for vivid color combinations, his work is in a class all of its own. Be sure to also check out his t-shirt project called peoplelikeuscollective


While pushing out some graphic art while not sleeping, he admits to jamming it out while half asleep as well. Representing South Africa with an array of clients and his ability to cross design mediums, Kronk serves up delicious designs. Bring your appetite, and chew on some Warbird. Kronk is also part of a talented collective of illustrators and designers called amicollective. Keep an eye on them, they may also be dropping some flavor for us here in the near future.

AJ Dimarucot

Visually rich, sensual, and vibrant, Aj's works are truly maximalist. Influenced by calligraphy, he continues to experiment with words as imagery. Whether he creates on his own or as part of Manila design/art duo CollisionTheory, Aj continues to blur the lines between art and design.


Sauerkids is the brainchild of Mark Moget and Taco Sipma based out of the Netherlands. Together they pump out some really amazing work which has been published in several exhibitions, art projects, magazines & books. As mentioned on their site, their work is best described as innocent childhood imagery and the mental confusion of everyday life.

Matt Owens

Jammin' loud and proud from Brooklyn, Matt is one of the first artists I kept an eye on since the web design boom in the early 2000's. With his ever evolving seasons at Volume One into his multi-disciplinary firm Athletics NYC, Matt is always one step ahead of the design game.

Jenna Ebanks

A young energetic, up and coming designer that creates visually appealing designs that are eye candy for the viewer. Jenna creates vibrant, colorful pieces of art and certainly a designer to keep an eye on in the near future.

Maciej Rakowski

Maciej is here to let us know that design is live and well in Poland. His site K4 Laboratory, is a not only a beautiful site to look at, but also the portfolio to match. His work is a creative blend of vibrant colors as well as a mix of several different mediums including painting. Were guessing the best is yet to come from Maciej, considering he is only 21. Don't be surprised if you see a few more designs from him in the near future ;)

Fiodor Sumkin

A product of the Netherlands, Fiodor is putting the pen to paper with his amazing illustration style. Elegant traditional methods blended with electronic media, combine for some truly beautiful works of art. Attention to detail and patience are clearly present in his art, which makes looking at his work all that more impressive. A culmination of art, typography, and creativity, Fiodor surely makes his mark in the design community. Be sure to check out his site Opera78 to see for yourself.

Jared Nickerson

Jared is an amazing artist that admits his inspiration from design is derived from everyday life and music. His donation Bonafide lovin' has a nostalgic feel with a pop culture kick to it. Jared's portfolio is full or illustrative pieces and abstract design that flourish with appeal and are easy on the eyes. Our northern friends in Canada should be proud of their very own rock'n out some visual candy for us to enjoy and wear for that matter. Be sure to check out Jared's works at J Three Concepts.

Carlos Quiterio

Carlos Quiterio lives and works in the Portuguese west coast city of Caldas da Rainha. He has Graphic Design and Fine-arts education that exhibits his passion on merging different styles and techniques through several mediums. He approaches illustration work differently from painting and drawing and has worked for several editorials such as Flaunt Magazine, NY Times and contributes to some of the most important and big magazines/editorials in Portugal. Nike, R.J.Reynolds(camel), Seat, Ssang Young, Optimus, etc, are also brands that he has made work for.

Kris Balerite

From abstract to the surreal, Kris maintains a balance of artisitc flair and existentialism. Fed up with agency cut and paste techniques Kris has realligned his focus on apparel design and freelance illustrations. Be sure to check out his portfolio and deviations located at deviantart.

Jeremy Prasatik

Jeremy is not only a contributing artist to Designgive, but also a fellow Texan. His clean designs and contemporary layering are part of his signature style in the design community. A few of his print pieces are available for purchase on his website A few of his clients include Hummer, Neiman Marcus, Chevrolet, and Country Music recording artist Trace Adkins. We look forward to more award winning work from Jeremy and the possibility of another design featured here.

Andhika Nugraha

Indonesian native Andhika is an avid illustrator/ designer that offers a mix of abstract and real-life in his designs. A fluid designer that leaves nothing to be desired which is apparent in his portfolio. Be sure to check out his latest design which was recently printed on a skate deck.

Samuel Sinaga

We shall refer to him as the 3 S's. Sick Samuel Sinaga has us salivating at his recent deviations. Setting the standard in originality is yet another Indonesian born artist making his mark in the design industry. Amazing use of negative space is most often seen in his works and does it well. His gentle contours flow in each of his works, which is most likely why "Flow is King"

Ika Aliceffekt

Aliceffekt is a musician, digital artist and designer from Montreal Canada. A man who's artistic versatility has helped to create unique personal and professional projects. His digital portfolio shows his versatility in 3D and 2D designs along with a flair for anime can be seen in a few of his works. Be sure to also check his musical talents located at VIRB

Jonathan Calugi

Italians be proud. Jonathan and his aptly named Happy Lovers Town showers viewers with a distinct and soothing portfolio of mixed media and vibrant designs. His flavor for fresh typefaces keeps us wanting more, while his design style brings cheer and puts a smile on our faces.

Daniel Van Beek

California native that began with acrylics and spray paints, Daniel soon found his way to the digital medium and confesses that he finds it refreshing. Although he draws from a wide range of influences, he definitely makes his own mark on each design he undertakes. His goal is to keep his style in a constant state of evolution which will not confine him to just one "static style".

Gunawan Lo

Playful is the one word that comes to mind when we look at his ever growing portfolio. His characters are simply adorable, and his style has all the earmarks of an apparel designer as he is quickly making his name in several other online t-shirt communities. He is now looking to launch his own brand, which doesn't surprise us in the least. Fortunately for you, Star is currently available here.

Scott Teplin

Amazing illustrator Scott Teplin enjoys working on projects that seem chaotic, but finds that they are actually organized. Taking the term "attention to detail" to the next level, Scott somehow makes disaster imagery into a work of art bordering on humerous in a number of his works. Although hand drawn art may be considered on it's way out, Scott's work makes a strong statement that it's here to stay.

Niko Vazquez

Niko has given us 2 beautiful pieces to share with the world. Hailing from the beautiful city of Bilbao Spain, Niko makes his presence knonw with a slick portfolio to back it up. He is always looking for new ways of visual communication from video, chalk and pencils all the way to stencils and collages. He feels strongly that the medium should be at least as important as the message. His first short film entitled "Hurrengo Geltokia - Next Station" was recently awared by Guggengeim Bilbao Museum during it's "Cosas del Surrealismo - Surrealism Things" Exhibition.

Niko Vazquez

Aperture comes to us by way of Karachi, Pakistan where illustrator and designer Sa'd Khorsid calls home. A gifted designer that makes use of brilliant colors in his designs, Sa'd balances his talents and showcases his strengths in illustration. Although Aperture sat patiently in our printing que for over a year, it's impact and tribute to traditional photography is right on cue considering the recent strides digital photography.

Steven Bonner

Steven has a conceptual approach to everything he does and born from a love of bold and memorable images. He started freelancing under the name Also Known As in January 2009 and it's apparently worked well for him, working on overflow & pitch projects for design agencies across the UK as well as for private clients worldwide. Every project is an opportunity to do the best work he's ever done. His work has been featured across the web, in print, and in books such as Custom Kicks, 1001 Restaurant Bar & Cafe Graphics, Vormator: Elements of Design, and Black & White Freedrawings.

Vanja Vikalo

Vanja Vikalo is also known as Linnch from the deviantART network and is the co-founder and illustrator at D-Bend Design Studio. Hailing from from Montenegro, he is currently working and studying in Belgrade. He enjoys nature which is why he chose to donate "Oiled" to us and illustrate his opinion on stupid oil consumption and the mess it leaves for mother nature. His abstract and organic style can be seen throughout his portfolio and prefers for his artwork and design to speak for itself.

Devon Gibbs

Devon recently completed his education at Loyola Marymount University in 2008, but his works show a much more accomplished artist. He received several honors from 2003-2008 for his works including his donation Africa Now. Some themes expressed through the imagery include, weapon trade, conflict diamond trade, poaching, advertising saturation, the AIDS epidemic, and poverty. These themes are seen in the form of everything from starving children to AK-47s to decapitated legs, all of which come together like puzzle pieces to comprise the whole. If his portfolio located at is any indication of his talents, Mr. Gibbs has a bright future ahead of him.


Well if you have never heard of Gmunk, then it's quite possible you are still rolling the cuffs up on your jeans and wearing swatches. Bradley Grosh has been jamming out the the sickest broadcast design pieces since the late 90's. His extensive work resume is too long to list here, but his recent demo reel will make you a believer in the munkosity that is Mr. Grosh. The gmunk icon was originally a stoned MonkeyHead that he adopted early in his career which eventually became his mark, and is now available here at designgive. Regardless of his celebrity status as a broadcast designer and artist, he will always be just " keep'n it tight mang"


The diverse work of Evgeny Kiselev oscillates between the rigors of symmetry and prolific excess. Several compositions begin with vivid tiled patterns that are mirrored again and again until they can no longer be contained and are forced to push beyond the confines of their logic. Others, emerge from a single outline that manifests the controlled lawlessness of the work. Each piece achieves a complexity of color and layer that continues to build infinitely into the space of the page creating a warping spatial depth.


Hush's work has been described as a sensory assault of shape, color, and character. Inspired by the portrayal of the female form in art, the artist builds up and tears down layers of paint and images as he works, "letting the canvas and marks take their own path." The result is an enigmatic synthesis of anime, pop-infused imagery and graffiti that exposes the conflict between power and decay, innocence and sexuality, and the fusion of Eastern and Western culture.

Jess Beltran

"Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life" a quote from a famous writer who is also an artist himself, Henry Miller. Being part of designgive made me proud because of the number of charities I am able to share with. This is a great advocacy knowing you will be sharing your blessings to people who are less fortunate. The harvest is great but the laborers are few I encourage artists to submit their art for a greater purpose.

Sean Husbands

Super talented artist with mad sketching and illustration skills from the beautiful island paradise of Barbados. Gifted with a vast array of art styles with which to bring his visions to life. A natural when it comes to t-shirt design and composition, his versatility lends itself to several different variations of mediums, but is quite happy with t-shirt designs, which he has already mastered.



An art student studying in Germany, Zerus has been drawing and painting every since she could remember. The natural progression into computer graphics was a given and has been designing every since. She believes that inspiration is all around us and is usually why she can be found carrying a pencil and sketching during her daily commute.

Anwar Rafiee

Anwar is an avid member in the t-shirt design community and a popular one at that. His designs are unique, abstract and dynamic pieces that showcase his artistic abilites. Design apparently is alive and well in Singapore thanks to Anwar and his portfolio. We truly hope to see more from this designer in the near future, and by the looks of it, we probably will.

Risart Soengkono

Risart started his education in Architecture, but quickly made a leap into the world of graphic design. He finds inspiration in everything he sees daily combined with his life experiences and thoughts. The style of his designs can derive from the music he is listening to adding a touch of personality and flair to each piece he works on. He is currently employed as a corporate brander, but enjoys flexing his creative muscle in doing freestyle graphics in his spare time. His works can be seen on the Behance Network, Devinatart and Depthcore. His current contribution of Lost VHS is a favorite here at designgive as it is very reminiscent of the early 2000 t-shirt designs pushed out by the now defunct DERUSH.

Daniele Quartu

Currently in London but hailing from Rome, Daniele has ben drawing and sketching every since he can remember. He prides himself in experimenting with new styles and techniques everyday. Unlike most designers, Daniele still uses traditional tools from pencil to soft markers in some of his works, but also showcases his talents using the latest software. He has been designing for a little over 10 years now, but is focusing his talents mainly towards the t-shirt world which can clearly be seen in his contribution Random Doodle #1 to us. Random doodle is part of series which he develops daily and looks at it like a journey which he himself doesn't know the end, but thats what makes it fun and challenging for Daniele. He admits that most his doodles are based on a certain theme, they are in fact absolutely random. Have a look at his awesome work located at

Marco Pichardo

Marco Pichardo (aka Charringo) brings his talents to us by way of Mexico City. He has a strong passion for t-shirt design which is evident in his online portfolio and t-shirt line named Armadillo. Although he is a full-time graphic designer, his passion for t-shirt design doesn't end at just the design, but the whole process including the silk screen process which he has mastered the art of. Many thanks to Marco for sharing his design Survive with us, and I'm sure Armadillo will be a huge success with him behind the wheel.